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  • Patrick Wood

Which car insurance policy is right for me?

Do I need Liability only or full coverage? Well first of all you need to ask yourself How much do I have in assets that I can convert to cover the expense of an at fault accident?

Payouts include: Medical expenses, Property damages for any property destroyed, Lost wages, Pain and suffering, Loss of consortium and punitive damages. Not all claims may include each of these but the payout can be dramatic. The average cost of a new vehicle exceeds the state minimum coverages. So if you total someone else"s car and they are off work for a while. You will easily go over your limits if you on choose liability insurance. Foe most a middle of the road approach of 100.000/ 300,000 for Body injury and Property damage works. The state minimum is 25,000/50,000. So think carefully and consider your options.

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